Wednesday, September 17

Bad Economy?

I attended a webinar this morning about helping Liberal Arts students find out what they need to do after they finish their degree. The staff in career services mentioned that their big career event--the "Career Fiesta"--had NO problem finding employers looking for future employees. All 250 booths are filled and there is even a waiting list of employers looking to get their company name in front of the future workers of America. I'm not sure what this means since the news reports are all indicating a crumbling economy.

Perhaps it's...

1) The media is being more dramatic about our economic situation than need be (wouldn't be a first for them)

2) The effects of a crumbling economy have yet to really "trickle down" this far.

3) The companies involved are not really thinking ahead and saving their money (i.e. they'll crash later once they realize they couldn't afford these new grads).

4) There are good things happening and the economy isn't quite ready to fall.


5) This could be a case of "it won't happen if I pretend it isn't there."

There's more to this all, I'm sure. But I just thought this was interesting.

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