Tuesday, September 23

what i'm made of

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to figure out what makes you tick. I have searched long and hard for the kind of work and the kind of life that I love. I've had some good moments in life but those have not sustained themselves. Mountain top experiences are great but they are not permanent. Neither are they the reality that most of us live. A career coach that I know of has said that 85% of the process in determining what kind of work we will love is an internal search. He says that we must know what we are passionate about, what we are talented in and what makes us want to get up every morning. This knowledge, he says, is critical in order to move forward. By the way, this career coach's name is Dan Miller.

This stuff makes sense to me because searching for work or a particular job without knowing what you are made of is like a hail mary pass in football. You just kinda hope that someone is there to complete the play. But it's so hard to search 'within.' I think that we stuff our desires and our passions down so deep that it feels like we'll never find it--and I haven't even been in the full-time workforce that long!

Yet, we cannot give up. Why give up? Who said the life we want would be easy? Every successful person I've known has had to work really hard to be successful. I haven't read this book yet but I'm told that Dr Stanley says in "The Millionaire Next Door" that one of the things that multi-millionaires have in common is that they love what they do. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to be successful but I think loving what you do is a key part of it.

So, I suppose I'm saying that it's all the more important to do that soul searching and find out what we're made of. Maybe we too can be successful.

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