Tuesday, October 21

pervading fear

Fear and negativity are unbelievably powerful. I could practically feel the air change in the room during my meeting with college advisors and administrators today. Discussion arose about budget cuts and jobs potentially being lost and I could tell that everyone was nervous. They say cuts will be made. However, they are bringing on new advisors so one could assume that my advising position is safe. But how much can I really trust that security?

This morning I watched the political footwork being played out on the news as each major candidate promised change and hope. Their followers continually express anxiety/disgust/fear at the prospect of the other candidate winning. It would seem that the hopes of the American people are in these two men. The most common phrase I hear now is "well, with the economy the way it is..." typically followed by some negative--often fearful--forecasting. We seem to be turning to these candidates to make things better.

But can they really make that big of a difference?

The David Crowder Band wrote a song that I love and it includes these lyrics: "Life makes it so hard sometimes to know what's real." This is so true. It's so hard to see through the crap that life throws at us. My post from the other day included this proverb: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..." We need a present hope and not a distant hope. Perhaps this is why I've not felt so well lately.


ktjane said...

"We need a present hope and not a distant hope."

i've been thinking over this whole bringing heaven to earth idea a lot lately... which would certainly prove that quote to be true. we're not waiting to die to experience perfect eternity, rather we're in the middle of exposing it now everyday!

Cody said...

Agreed. I'm studying 1 Peter right now and it was addressed to people in the midst of suffering. Peter keeps referring to hope in the future and the present tense. It would seem he saw the two as being completely tied together.

It pains me to see people that atrophy and simply let their time pass them by. Granted, I have been that person before but I know that everything worth living for must be fought for. Bringing heaven to earth means we have to show people a different way to live.

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