Thursday, October 30


I was randomly thinking about the Obama "Hope" poster today and it occurred to me that it's similar to the Che Guevara pictures that are so popular amongst the subversives and hippies among us.

Why do I say this? Well, Obama's poster is very stylized and ties his face to the concept of hope. He has a stoic, calm look on his face and his gaze is on a distant object and not the viewer; perhaps he's looking into the (presumably hopeful) future. I should note that it isn't "hope" that is on the poster, it is "HOPE." All caps.

When you look at images of Che Guevara in pop culture, you will see some similar characteristics. The same stoic and calm look with eyes fixated somewhere distant. Granted he is wearing a berret and has some facial hair, but the pictures are hauntingly similar. I say hauntingly because Mr. Guevara was the communist counterpart of Fidel Castro.

Did Obama do this on purpose? And doesn't it seem like there is a cult of personality surrounding him? I believe so. He can seem to do no wrong in the eyes of many.

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