Wednesday, April 29


I've been thinking about uncertainty of late and there seems to be a
lot of stuff going wrong in the world. Even this blog is uncertain
because I'm sending it from my phone and I can only HOPE it will work
(we'll soon find out). People are freaked out about their jobs, the
economy, swine flu, drug cartels and the list goes on and on. Perhaps
I'm being overly optimistic but I'm not all that scared. Fear is
paralyzing and I've felt that paralysis before. So much of fear is
hype and I think life is too short to be caught up in fearful hype. I
don't want to ignore authentic issues but I'd rather approach them
with calm, deliberate wisdom rather than freak out and get nothing
done. Anyone agree? So be strong and deal with things as they come
and make plans and take precautions appropriately. Freaking out is not
a sign of strength.

Also, does anyone find it ironic that Israel has a case of swine flu
considering both Jews and Muslims consider pigs to be unclean. That's
a one-way ticket to never being invited to parties again!

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