Friday, August 21

Changes Coming Soon...

Here's a quick update to tell you that I am going to be transitioning to a new blog. I will release the title of this blog soon so you'll know soon enough.

Why? Well, I found a different (and free) blog service with better controls and looks. This blog has been a bit random and my topics a little haphazard. I'm hoping to be more focused and more consistent in the material I produce. It will be good writing experience and should allow me to further define my writing style. I want to eventually reach many people with my thoughts and that takes some work.

So, stay tuned for my new blog!
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Wednesday, July 29

Surprised by Hope

Surprised by Hope is one of the latest books by N.T. Wright discussing what the Bible says about heaven and what happens after heaven. It also delves into the pages of the New Testament and shows how those final stages of history have, in a certain sense, already begun. I'm reading the book now and it's a good read. N.T. Wright is one of the foremost New Testament scholars today and a prolific writer--both scholarly and popular. You can start with the video below that aired on the Steven Colbert Report in June 2008.

So this book raises a pretty interesting question. What do you think of heaven? Where do you get your ideas about heaven and the life after death? What does the word "resurrection" mean to you and how do you think it applies to you? I do apologize if I'm taking too long a trip through Nerdville, but this is what I read and think about for fun (yes, sadly I did say "fun").

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